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Articles and Manuals By Jim Puhalla

  1. Soccer Field Maintenance
    This article includes many ideas for making soccer field maintenance easier and more effective including regular field inspection to look for mowing, moisture, and weed problems. Included is a complete yearly maintenance schedule for both warm and cool season grasses.
  2. Fixing Up Fields (multiple authors)
    Read about a soccer field construction project with a soccer field design that can be rotated 90 degrees to change wear patterns and move heavy-wear spots. By Mitch Martin (pages 1-2). Learn how to avoid the big mistakes in sports field design and how to upgrade old baseball and softball fields. By Jim Puhalla (pages 2-4).
  3. Baseball and Softball Field Maintenance and Renovation Manual
    This manual is meant to provide some helpful tips to get baseball and softball fields ready to play before, during, and after the season.
  4. No More Muddy Football Fields
    How to renovate and maintain cool season natural grass high school football fields to withstand the competitive stresses of a full season of play and look as good as the beginning of the season.
  5. No More Muddy Skinned Areas
    How to alleviate muddy skinned areas on baseball and softball fields.